How to "pressure wash"

02 April, 2011

The easiest way to use a pressure washer

I think the first thing you want do before starting your  pressure washer  is to gain an understanding how the Presser Washer works. There are four basic elements of the "pressure washing" process regardless of what machine or method you use. The four systems of a "pressure washer" is the  tips: water pressure, water flow rate, cleaning solution and heat. With out one of these four elements, the cleaning characteristics will change. , Most people can not afford a "hot water pressure washer" so if f you can only afford a cold water "pressure washer", you will have to compensate for loss of the cleaning power of hot water.The best way to do that is add more chemicals, more pressure and use more water to achieve better "pressure wash" results. Therefore, you will always have to make adjustments combining these four elements in order to achieve the ideal cleaning atmosphere for your particular job. Nevertheless, when learning how pressure washing systems work and how to "pressure wash", keep in mind that detergents emulsify the dirt better and faster as the temperature increases. This is especially true when cleaning oil and grease from a concrete surface. That's why hot water "pressure washing systems" are perfect for such jobs.
The way a  "high pressure washer" works! The process of breaking the bond between the dirt and the surface being cleaned. , for the best results you will combine four essential elements. However, shortfalls do exist. Here is another example of how "pressure washers" work: let's say you notice you have a little detergent left and you decide to decrease the amount injected through pressure washer. A cleaning solution decrease in this case will have a less effect on the debris being cleaned. Because of that, now you must work with higher pressure elements to make up for that loss. You have to increase the pressure, water temperature and the water volume. Even though, you are less likely to reach the same level of efficiency (by decreasing the amount of detergent), you will somewhat neutralize that loss.



02 April, 2011

What you need to know about nozzles

Not every "pressure washer" nozzle and spraying tip can be used for every cleaning job. There are  nozzles and tips are designed for specific  jobs , I feel it is important to learn what each "pressure washer" nozzle and tip style are designed before starting the job to ensure the proper spray width and size for your pressure washer.

Basic Pressure Washer Nozzle Styles 

When choosing the right sprayer tips, you first must figure out what type of  pressure washer nozzle  they must fit. "Pressure washer" nozzles come in two basic styles:

  1. The Two Piece Gun or Wand. These are usually found on smaller personal-sized electric units, and use orifices instead of standard tips.
  2. Large Electric Guns and Wands. Larger scale commercial units use both Multi-Reg or Q Meg T


Pressure Wash Your Home

06 October, 2010

Mold and mildew can cause  harm to your home. Dirt can just make your home look older than it should and it can make it look less appealing. "Pressure washing" your home can solve all these solutions. You can buy a small electric or gas pressure washer at inexpensive prices. Plus, the actual act of pressure washing your home isn't that hard. It just takes some effort on your part and a little bit of common sense. Once your home is sparkling clean, you will find your efforts were well worth it.Here are some tips to get you started. If you own a lawn mower you can find use for a pressure washer.


Pressure Washing Tips

05 October, 2010

A Pressure Washer is very useful for those difficult outside cleaning jobs that may require more scrubbing and work than most of us want to  physically provide. The powerful blast of a "high pressure washer" water spay's can remove stains from a variety of surfaces, such as vinyl siding, concrete and masonry. However, there are times when a cleaning agent is needed to break up hard to remove stains as well as kill mold and mildew. Using a pressure washer detergent is a cost-effective and easy cleaning solution.


Tips for pressure washing a car

05 October, 2010

I use a 2700 PSI Pressure Washer with a 15 degree nozzle/tip on all of automobiles including those that have a expensive custom paint jobs.

If your car's paint in intact it is not going to harm the paint  as long as you use a 7 degree of better tip on the gun.

If would not try the 0 degree tip at any pressure. 0 degrees is the one thin stream of water, when the water is not fanning out at all. 

Also watch out for vinyl graphics, pin stripes, dealer stickers, as it will remove them, but will not harm a normal paint job in good condition.

Stand back from the car a few feet and spray away.

Most pressure washers, up to 1800 psi are made specifically for cars.

1) Make sure the water coming out of the gun has a fan to it and not just one straight stream.

2) Stay clear of vinyl graphics, pin stripes and dealer stickers unless you are back at least 6 feet.

3) If this is the first time that you are using a pressure washer on a vehicle, I would would use a wide fan tip until you get used to it.

4) Do not hold the tip of the gun right up to the paint ... stand back a few feet.

Do that and you will be fine.


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