02 April, 2011

What you need to know about nozzles

Not every "pressure washer" nozzle and spraying tip can be used for every cleaning job. There are  nozzles and tips are designed for specific  jobs , I feel it is important to learn what each "pressure washer" nozzle and tip style are designed before starting the job to ensure the proper spray width and size for your pressure washer.

Basic Pressure Washer Nozzle Styles 

When choosing the right sprayer tips, you first must figure out what type of  pressure washer nozzle  they must fit. "Pressure washer" nozzles come in two basic styles:

  1. The Two Piece Gun or Wand. These are usually found on smaller personal-sized electric units, and use orifices instead of standard tips.
  2. Large Electric Guns and Wands. Larger scale commercial units use both Multi-Reg or Q Meg T


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